Thanksgiving Poem

Gobble gobble gobble
Turkey legs are now the reason
I’d put my foot in your ass
If I hadn’t had a reason

Stuffing is on the table
Stuffing is also in season
Stuffing can be dangerous
Especially without the season

People gathered round the table
Plastered in their chairs
Their bellies full and round
Metabolism needs repair

Life is simple and sometimes savory
Sometimes it’s nasty
Without the scent of gravy

People force food
Especially when they want it
People ram it in their bellies
And throw up from their stomachs

I’ve been sent to break the silence
Of people eating in the quiet
Thanksgiving has no budget
Not a single has a diet

I’m not talking about the lonely
I’ll never mention how much it hurt
But I will pay back my enemy
The turkey’s neck like a store clerk

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