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Epidermal Naevus Treatments

My son who is now 5 has epidermal naevus on the left side of his body. Since birth my wife and I have painstakingly tried everything to treat it. It all started with creams which either did nothing or burned so bad that we couldn’t continue using. As my son got older it became apparent that is was not going to go away, we decided to do laser treatment on his leg as a test. Having your son put under anethesia then having to deal with the treating this giant burned area was very difficult. Laser surgery did not have any positive results and the next option was to have is surgically removed. Hesitant we decided to wait. We waited until maybe something better came along or a miracle….

Here is what we did on a daily basis. First we began making custom bandages. This involved cutting 8 strips of not stick bandage in all different shapes and sizes. Then a layer of saran wrap so 100% of the medicine would saturate the skin and the bandage would not stick to the wound. Next I’d sneak in his room and taping them to his body without waking him up. This lasted years and nearly every day, sometimes id slack off and take a few days off. During those times off I started to notice that the redness would start going away. So I decided to see what would happen if we just let it go. As we found out, if you let it go then it would grow tall enough to be knocked off by normal physical activities and thus bleeding and pain.

So where were we? Not far. The Epidermal Naevus grows outward and never heals. The only treatments available are Creams and Surgery. If you put creme on it, it only softens the skin and it makes it red and susceptible to infection. We live in an area with really good doctors and NONE of them helped, some of them were so rude Id never want to return. And thats what we did, never went back to the doctors for it because they were of no help.

Summertime! The pools and the sun seemed to have a big impact on his skin. The chlorine helped clean his wounds while the sun seemed to dry it up quite a bit and this is where I started making a breakthrough. The naevus became brittle from the Sun and Chlorine. One night before putting on bandages I snuck under his sheets with a flashlight and cuticle snips and I started snipping at the easily accessible bits. It started busting off and I could tell that It did not hurt him and there were NO nerves in the Naevus it was just dead hard skin. The surface area I had to cover was quite large and there are spots where I was not sure if there were nerves so the cuticle snips were not going to work. I next started with a big nail file and then I started making good progress but it took soooooooo long and it would wake my son up.

I was getting pretty frustrated because after filing for an hour and putting bandages on we still were not beating it. It grows quite fast. At this point in time we were also giving him bleach baths for chlorine, every other night I’d put a 1/4 cup of bleach in the bath and used the nail file on some of his faster growing parts like his thumb. This method just wasn’t really working and the amount of work involved was too much for such little results. I needed something more abrasive yet quiet and I needed to convice my wife to let me use a power tool on our son. This was no easy feat, I tried for probably 6 months of reasoning with her about how safe using a DREMEL would be. She Denied me… Rightfully so I guess, it does seem crazy to use a wood shaping tool on his body. But I knew that with my skills with tools that I could be gentle. So one day I bought a brand new dremel and all kinds of sanding cylinders. I took Foam beer can insulator and put the dremel inside of it and wrapped the whole thing with a towel and snuck in his room and went to town. Astonishing results, I sanded down nearly all of his naevus in about 3 min! I couldn’t breathe because I was under the covers and the tool threw plumes of skin-air into the air. After sanding it all down I put Cereve on it and kept what I did to myself. The next day my son and wife were really really amazed at how good his leg looked. That night I did the rest of his body with the same results. His skin was smooth and you could tell my son appreciated it. The sanding last a couple weeks then you have to do it again. The Dremel however did not last as I burned it out pretty quickly with the foam insulation and towel. I let my son play with the Dremel as he wanted to do it himself. Obviously under extreme supervision and I only let him do a very easy part.

We prepare sanding by using bleach baths and we use creme only after we sand. Max willingly lets me do it as we let him play Minion Rush or Mario and we are finally managing it!


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